Women Onsite

The Victorian Trades Hall Council Women Onsite Project is a short pilot program designed to deliver more opportunities for women in male-dominated trades.

As part of the Victorian Government’s Learn and Earn program, the project is aimed at supporting women who are curious about getting into a trade, plus employers keen to recruit female apprentices and trainees. 

Since the 1980s, women have represented less than 2% of the Australian trades workforce – so there is work to be done. 

Here’s what we are doing so far:

  • Piloting ways to attract and place women in male-dominated trades
  • Running a dedicated website to attract female talent, alongside social media outreach
  • Women-only Try a Trade days and information sessions
  • Women-only pre-apprenticeships
  • Partnering with Melbourne University on research that explores evidence-based approaches to recruiting more women into the trade

For more information about the Women Onsite program, head here.