This page provides further information on supervising apprentices and trainees in the workplace. It includes links to fact sheets for employers, supervisors and apprentices/trainees and a link to the complete Supervising Apprentices and Trainees, Guidance Note for Employers and Supervisors.

Supervision in the workplace is essential for apprentices or trainees to become competent in their chosen trade or vocation, and to work safely, confidently, and effectively.

Employers who take on and train apprentices or trainees play an important role in developing both their own workforce and the workforce of their industry.

What is supervision?

Supervision is the oversight and coordination of on-the-job training provided to an apprentice or trainee engaged under a Training Contract.

Apprentices and trainees need varying levels and types of supervision as they acquire skills and gain confidence in the workplace.

A group of students in blue uniform listening to their teacher in the workshop

Effective supervision

Effective workplace supervision is critical to the apprentice or trainee’s success.

Supervisors act as role models and coaches for apprentices and trainees and play an important part in building a positive workplace culture that motivates, inspires and contributes to the success of the business.

Legal obligations

Victorian law requires employers to supervise apprentices and trainees in the workplace.

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) is responsible for regulating apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria, including monitoring and enforcing compliance.

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