Out of work support

Apprentices and trainees can find themselves out of work for many different reasons. But help is available to find a job, continue in your apprenticeship or traineeship under a new employer, or choose a fresh direction in your career. We know lots of people face challenges – either personal or professional – in their working life. Expert support can help find a way through, and get you going on the right career path for you.

Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program​

A lot of people had their apprenticeships and traineeships disrupted in the past couple of years. That’s why the Retrenched Apprentices and Trainees Program was created to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) is working with the Department of Education to maintain a Victorian register for retrenched apprentices and trainees. There’s also support on offer from staff who can provide job matching and other assistance.

Register here to get help with re-starting your apprenticeship or traineeship with a new employer.

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Skills and Jobs Centres

Based in TAFEs across Victoria, Skills and Jobs Centres (SJCs) help people with career advice, job searching and choosing courses. You don’t have to be a student to visit an SJC – anyone can go along to get free expert help and advice. This includes: guidance on the apprenticeship and traineeship system, referrals and job matching to local employment opportunities and referral to welfare support and financial advice.

Head here to find out more about SJCs and find your local centre.

Victorian Skills Gateway

Looking for further training opportunities or some help taking the next steps in your career? Explore the Victorian Skills Gateway to find out how to continue your current studies, get your student records, transfer credit to a new course, switch careers, access Free TAFE opportunities, or plot out a pathway to higher qualifications – including university. You can also use the course search function to see what kind of training is on offer across the state.

Head here to explore the Victorian Skills Gateway.

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