Who will I interact with?

An apprenticeship or traineeship isn’t just an agreement between you and your boss. You will need to connect with a few different organisations to complete your training, and make sure your hard work is officially recognised.

Getting employed


Your employer might be a large company or government organisation, or it could be a small business. The employer hires apprentices or trainees and provides the support, training and supervision you need to gain skills and knowledge in your industry. 

Group Training Organisation (GTO) 

Sometimes apprentices and trainees are employed by a Group Training Organisation (GTO), which then places them with host employers. The GTO organises the training contract and arranges the training you need for your apprenticeship or traineeship. Find a list of GTOs here.

a group of multi ethnic mechanical apprentices working on a car

Getting trained


On-the-job training and supervision is a big part of any apprenticeship or traineeship. The mentoring and hands-on experience you get at work provide skills and knowledge you’ll need to complete your qualification.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

The Registered Training Organisation (RTO), usually a Victorian TAFE institute, is where you get your off-the-job training. Your RTO works with you to create a training plan, deliver training, assess skills and issue the qualification once you’re done. Search available courses here

Teacher Helping Students Training To Become Hairdressers

Making it official

Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP)

Your Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) manages the contract signing, runs the incentives program and can offer support services – including job-matching. When starting your apprenticeship or traineeship, your employer has 14 days to register your training contract with an ANP. Find a list of ANPs here.

Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority

Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority regulates apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. It provides the final step and approves your training arrangement.