Why do an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Becoming an apprentice or trainee is a big commitment. You’ll spend a lot of time and energy at your work and on your studies. But there are big rewards, too. 

Apprenticeships Victoria is here to support a wide and diverse group of Victorians, making sure you have a simple, safe and supported pathway to a rewarding career.   

With over 500 careers to choose from, apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to start (or re-start) your working life.

Is it right for you? Here are some benefits to think about.

Group of students in a workshop wearing facemasks

Real-world skills

On-the-job training means learning skills that employers need. You’ll be hands-on, gaining confidence and knowledge that will set you up for your future career. Plus, spending time in a real workplace gets you familiar with your chosen industry fast. With regular mentoring, you’ll get a real feel for how everything works, and how your new skills fit into the wider business.

The right qualifications

Apprentices and trainees also learn at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), usually a Victorian TAFE institute. This formal study rounds out your on-the-job learning and means you’ll end up with a qualification you can use to work anywhere in Australia. Use your qualification to get started in your career, do more training, or even start your own business.

four young medical students chat to each other and their manager after a shift on the ward

Wages in your pocket

As an apprentice or trainee you’re able to earn an income while you learn, which can make studying more achievable for a lot of people. Pay rates and entitlements for apprentices and trainees are generally covered by industry awards. For more info and a pay rate calculator, head to the Fair Work Ombudsman to find out what you might earn under an apprenticeship or traineeship.


The Australian Government offers allowances and loans to help some apprentices and trainees while they complete their training. Some trade apprentices may be eligible for a discount on car registration, too. And to help people get the most out of the apprenticeship system, the Victorian Government also employs special Apprenticeship Support Officers. This means help is at hand for any workplace, training or personal issues that may affect your ability to complete your apprenticeship.

Get inspired by success stories

Whatever point you’re at in your journey as an apprentice or trainee, it’s great to feel motivated by people who’ve been through it all before. We’ve collected a heap of inspirational stories about real apprentices and trainees who share some of their challenges and successes on the way to completing training. Be inspired, and see where an apprenticeship or traineeship could take you.

Andrew Bamblett apprentice carpenter