Group Training Organisations

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) directly employ apprentices and trainees, then place them with suitable host employers for valuable on-the-job training. The host employer will usually take on the apprentice or trainee for just one part of their apprenticeship or traineeship.

The GTO is the recognised employer and is responsible for all legal aspects of the employment contract, as well as ensuring its apprentices and trainees receive suitable work and training.

A group of manufacturing apprentices and their trainer smiling

Benefits for employers

Going through a Group Training Organisation can be a great option for employers who are unable to commit to a whole apprenticeship or traineeship, but still want to access the apprentice and trainee talent pool.

Here are some ways that a GTO arrangement might work for you:

  • You’re not tied to a contract
  • All the government paperwork is covered by your GTO
  • You can employ an apprentice or trainee for the length of time that works for you
  • Your GTO organises and oversees training for the apprentice or trainee
  • Your GTO assumes all insurances and workers compensation responsibilities, and provides safety equipment as needed
  • GTOs can handle advertising and recruitment to make sure you’re getting the best candidates for your role

Want more info?

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