Apprenticeship Support Officers

Need help sorting out your apprenticeship? 

Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs) help apprentices – and their employers – get the most out of the apprenticeship system. They’re part of a Victorian Government initiative to keep more apprentices in jobs and help more people complete their training.

Apprenticeship Support Officers are located across Victoria and offer a free and confidential support and advice service. This means you can get help with the kind of workplace, training or personal issues that sometimes affect apprentices. 

There are 29 ASOs working out of 13 sites across the state. They provide a local service in greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.

How can Apprenticeship Support Officers help you?

Apprenticeship Support Officers will usually get in contact around the start of your apprenticeship. They’ll tell you about their service and check how things are going. Apprentices and employers can also get in touch at any time during the apprenticeship. 

ASOs are very experienced and highly knowledgeable about the apprenticeship system in Victoria. Depending on your situation, they can offer support and advice via phone, email or text, a workplace visit, or a longer period of contact if needed.  

Here are some of the issues ASOs can help with:

  • Wages, entitlements, incentives and superannuation obligations 
  • Training contract obligations, including release for training
  • Adequate supervision of apprentices and safety concerns
  • Tackling bullying/discrimination/harassment in the workplace
  • Schooling issues, such as enrolment, falling behind and finding learning support
  • Financial issues, such as being unable to pay tuition fees
  • Accessing relevant specialised support services, for example disability resources
  • Being placed on long periods of ‘downtime’ or losing your job 
  • Officially completing the apprenticeship and applying for a Trade Paper

ASOs can help if you need someone to talk to about your apprenticeship, if you want to check out if something in the workplace is OK, or when you’re just not sure who can help. 

They can link apprentices in with other relevant service providers, too. And connect people with learner support, employment services, financial counselling and local health services – including drug and alcohol support and mental health support.

To connect with an Apprenticeship Support Officer, call the ASO Hotline on        1300 311 820, or email  

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