How it works

Keen on being a part of Big Build Apprenticeships? Here’s how to kickstart your apprenticeship or traineeship with BBA:

This is your first step in being considered for a BBA. You can register your interest below.

Sign up for a BBA

They can assist with your application and link you to short course training, career’s counselling, or a BBA-related pre-apprenticeship.

You don’t need to find your own employer. As part of a Big Build Apprenticeship you will be linked with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) that acts as your employer.

Just like with a regular job, you’ll go through an application process with your GTO and be selected for an interview with the GTO and with your host employer to make sure you’re right for the role

You’ll be employed by your GTO and placed on a Big Build project with a relevant host employer. You may even rotate through a few different projects and work sites – this is where you’ll get all your valuable on-the-job training. Plus, you’ll be connected with a TAFE institute or training organisation to complete your formal study requirements. 

Have any questions, problems or feedback during your BBA? You’ll have access to free, confidential support and advice the whole way through your apprenticeship or traineeship.

COVID-19 vaccination requirement

Please note that in order to be accepted into the BBA program you are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You will be asked to show proof of vaccination upon employment so please ensure you have received the required vaccinations before signing up.

Portrait of a female apprentice in hi vis vest and hard hat

Privacy considerations

Apprenticeships Victoria will collect, use and share your personal information to register your account, respond to your expression of interest and support your journey through the program to a suitable placement. This will include sensitive and any relevant information about your health and support needs. For more information about the types of information we will collect, how your information will be used and disclosed, any consequences of not providing this information, and your privacy rights, please read the Apprenticeships Victoria Privacy Notice and then confirm you have read and agree to its terms, prior to signing up for a BBA.