BBA applicant status overview

Under assessment
  • All applicants are placed ‘Under assessment’ when they create an account on the AV – BBA Portal and are assigned to a specific SJC organisation.
  • They still need to be assigned to an individual operator before they can be assessed.
  • Only the SJC can complete the ‘Under assessment’.
  • An applicant is placed into Nurture when the SJC assesses them as needing additional help and support.
  • The ‘Nurture’ tab captures all service delivery provided to the applicant by the SJC.
  • Only an SJC can perform ‘Nurture’.
Ready for listing
  • Applicant status is updated to ‘Ready for listing’ when the SJC assesses the applicant as having met all minimum standards for a BBA.
  • Any applicant with this status will appear in a GTOs operator zone for consideration for a BBA.
  • Applicants are only visible to all GTOs if their status is ‘Ready for listing’.
Selected for interview
  • Once a GTO assigns an applicant to themselves the applicant’s status is updated to ‘Selected for interview’.
  • When an applicant has a status of ‘Selected for interview’ they are not visible to other GTOs.
  • The applicant is still visible for the assigned SJC and remains assigned to them.
  • The GTO is required to capture information about the interview and its outcome.
  • The GTO can unassign an applicant from themselves at this point.
Not selected for employment
  • This more of a decision than a status that results in different workflow stages eventuating.
  • If the GTO chooses to not employ the applicant after the interview has been conducted the GTO needs to provide reasons.
  • Different reasons will result in different status updates for the applicant. The applicant may be pushed back to ‘Under assessment’, ‘Ready for listing’, or ‘Closed’.
Selected for employment
  • The GTO may decide to choose the ‘Selected for employment’ option as an outcome of the interview.
  • The GTO then has 28 days to create an employment placement record for the applicant.
  • Once the GTO confirms in this record that the training contract has been signed, the applicant’s status is then updated to ‘Employed’.
  • The GTO has to complete an employment placement record for the applicant status to be updated to Employed.
  • The GTO can create multiple employment placement records as the applicant (now actually an apprentice or trainee) rotates work with different host employers and across different projects.
  • This status is the result of a number of decision points in the workflow.
  • Closed generally means that the BBA Applicant has decided not to continue with their application.